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Medina Perfect Cleanser 100ml

Medina Perfect Cleanser with Coconut Oil & Chamomile transforms into airy lather, gently removing pore-clogging impurities and oil that can lead to imperfections. Leaves skin silky smooth and comfortable. Good news is Medina Perfect Cleanser are paraben and mercury free which make it safe for skin. The main ingrediet is Chamomile oil extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant, which is very popular as a flowering plant. This plant extract are good for  diminish the scars, marks, and spots on the skin and on the face, making them flawless. Next ingredient is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a gentle, yet thorough as cleanser. It softens the keratin caps and makes exfoliation much easier. The light, spreading texture of coconut oil enables it to seep into the hair follicles and dissolve the hardened sebum, bringing it up to the skin surface.


Medina Soothing Serum 10ml


Medina soothing serum is formulated to overcome the sensitive skin problems such as rashes or redness on skin. Medina soothing serum contain Chamomilla Recutica (Matricaria) extract that can help soothe skin rashes (including eczema), minor burns and sunburn. It’s also has Allantoin which help to treat rough skin or pitted skin with scars from serious or chronic acne, not only that, products that contain Allantoin is a good choice when it comes to smoothing and healing the imperfections. This ingredient can also soothe the skin without causing irritation.

Medina Toner Rose Face Mist

A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere and anytime. Simply formulated with fragrant Rosewater for a pleasant. Use a restoring spritz as a hydrating pick-me-up throughout the day or under makeup or whenever you need.  Toner Rose Mist is formulated with rose moschata oil that good to reduce scars and fine lines. Second is rose water for maintain hydrate, revitalize and moisturize skin. Next is Geranium oil, this oil rich in essential fatty acid for balances hormones and also improves circulation. Last is panthenol for retaining moisture and rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells. 



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