Basic set

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Suitable for ALL skin type

1. Cleanser

- Watery-gel type

- Suitable for all skin type except chronic dry skin

- Deep cleansing into the skin and clean the pores.

- 3 main ingredients: Chamomile, Coconut Oil and Glycerin - Removing oil for flawless skin - Moisture and protect skin from pathogens also a bacterial infection.

2. Scar Removal Serum

- Water-based type

- Suitable for all skin type

- Grapefruit and Licorice is the main ingredients

- Diminish the scar marks and spots also freckles

- Moisturize skin and glowing effect when using it

- Can make makeup based.

3. Medina Perfect Sunblock 15g

- SPF 30

- Lightweight texture and easy to blend

- Suitable for all skin type include sensitive skin and oily skin type

- Came with two shade PINKISH and Beige

 - No Perfume/Fragrance, No Alcohol and No Mineral.

- Helps minimize the appearance of port stains.

- Suitable for daily use and easy to remove

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